Paralegal Salary

If you are curious about the paralegal salary you can expect and duties required of you once you complete your education, read on!  Paralegals work as assistants to lawyers. They are often in charge of writing legal documentations and research; their legal capacity, however, is very limited compared to lawyers.  A Paralegal is someone who is eligible through training, education, and experience to perform legal tasks that needs knowledge of legal theories and is normally, but not entirely, performed by a lawyer; and may be certified by an administrative, statutory or court authority to perform paralegal work.

Paralegals may assist lawyers when it comes to reviewing cases, interviewing clients and witnesses, and administrative duties, but are not allowed to give legal advice, charge fees, and sign pleadings as a court delegate. Paralegal tasks and limitations may differ depending on the laws set by the state.

Due to the nature of the job, a huge percentage of paralegals work in law firms and the government. A Paralegal salary depends on the industry they are in. Their salaries can range from $33,000 to $65,000 approximately; the latter being the highest offered in the industry.

Paralegal tasks can be demanding and stressful. The need to maintain good client relationship is vital, as well as confidentiality in handling cases at hand. It can also be emotionally stressful, as paralegals have access to client information that may be too personal, depending on the case. The ability to hold off emotions and personal attachments to sensitive cases and situations are just some of the qualities that a paralegal needs to possess. Paralegals usually work independently. Resourcefulness, multitasking and the ability to work under pressure and meeting deadlines are a crucial part of the job.

Most who intend to go through law school but have insufficient resources opt to study at paralegal schools, and work as paraprofessionals as the paralegal salary is also good.

In the past, paralegals were not required to go through any training or certification. This has significantly changed, however, due to the legal duties required from paralegals, as well as competition. For someone to earn the highest paralegal wage, they need to have an Associates Degree in Paralegal studies, as well as ample training and impressive work background.

Due to the high demands of paralegal service, the paralegal salary has increased intensely over the years. Back in the late 1980’s, a paralegal salary averaged only about $20,000. Today, it can reach $65,000 or even more, depending on the paralegal’s qualifications, the industry, and the state they’re in. Because of this, more and more college graduates are looking for paralegal schools or training centers to get them certified as a paralegal.

Though a paralegal career may sound very enticing, one must consider the career path that they are going to end up with. Unless a paralegal takes law school and passes the bar exams, their career path would end at being a paralegal. This may look like a dead end job for most aspiring lawyers; continuing school while being employed as a paralegal may be a bit too difficult for most because of the demands of the job.  Either way, though, a paralegal salary is enough to make a living on, regardless of whether or not you return to school to become a full fledged attorney.

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