Symbiosis Distance Learning

Obtaining a postgraduate degree after college can be very difficult, alongside a full-time job. Distance learning can help a great number of individuals eager to earn a postgraduate degree without the hassles of going to the university at a specified time. One of the highly respected institutions in distance learning is the Symbiosis Distance Learning Center, which is a recognized distance learning school by the Distance Education Council (DEC). Symbiosis was founded in 1971 by the visionary Padmashree Dr. S.B. Mujumdar. Symbiosis began as the International Cultural and Education Center, which aims to provide both local and foreign students high quality learning in higher education.

In 2001, Dr. Mujambar’s distance learning education became known as Symbiosis Distance Learning Center and is now hosting more than 2,000,000 students. Being recognized as the 5th best learning institutions in India, Symbiosis has excelled in presenting high quality education through various academic resources, which include modern education through the Internet and several self-learning modules.

Symbiosis pioneered several distance learning methods that have drastically changed the quality of higher education obtained from a distance learning institution. E-learning provides students an innovative learning experience without the bulky books through case studies, examples and online assignments. The Virtual Classroom Facility eliminates the distance barrier among students and professors and implements interactive lessons where students can consult with faculty members live. Online Faculty Sessions make use of instant messaging to allow students to get immediate answers from their professors. These innovative education methodologies is known as the “Blended Learning” method, which is an infusion of printed self-learning modules, e-learning and interactive educational materials like pre-recorded DVDs and faculty interactions in chat sessions and inside the Virtual Classroom Facility. The institution also provides a Call Center dedicated to provide immediate responses to guide and assist students with their academic concerns.

Symbiosis Distance Learning Center has pioneered the autonomous distance learning that can greatly enhance one’s career and quality of life. Symbiosis offers single courses, postgraduate diplomas and certificate programs in the field of Management, Information Technology, Education, Humanities and Social Science, and Law. Students can choose from a wide range of academic programs and diplomas/certificates can be obtained from six months to two years in the institution.

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