Paralegal Online Degree

The paralegal online degree is believed to be an ideal degree or certificate program for individuals who are interested in making a mark for themselves in the world of law. Now you no longer have to opt for a full time law degree, which could take years. Instead, a paralegal online degree can fulfill your requirements to gain entry to the lucrative law career.

The course structure of the paralegal online degree generally focuses on criminal and civil court procedures, family and divorce law, civil and criminal law, documentation and pleadings, basic accounting, record keeping, estates, finance and wills including court systems and research, legal terminology as well as ethical and legal issues within the law. After acquiring the degree (really it is a paralegal certification) you are free to work in any kind of law office, giving you the freedom to opt for any area of the law you find interest in.

The paralegal online degree programs are provided by two year community colleges, a couple of four year universities and colleges as well as a few business schools. You will earn a degree after the successful completion of 60 or 70 semester units. The course generally comprises of one half paralegal courses as well as one half general education and other related courses. There are a number of programs available online as well that allow you to earn your degree.

To earn a Paralegal online degree can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. The beauty of many online programs is that you can work at your own pace, meaning it could take you more or less time. Acquiring a degree in this field is considered to be an added boon for those interested in sitting for the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) examination after the successful completion of this course.

After acquiring a degree you can target a number of career opportunities such as:

• Law firms
• The non-profit and public sector
• Charities or trade unions
• Criminal and civil courts, police forces as well as other enforcement bodies
• Commercial companies

Your job responsibilities may differ as per the chosen area. In general you typically have the following responsibilities:

• Conducting research
• Preparing legal documents
• Interviewing witnesses and clients
• Attending court
• Keeping yourself updated with the law
• Managing a caseload
• Providing legal information to clients
• General clerical work

Salaries for paralegals can vary, but earning around $60,000 per year is realistic. There aren’t any set qualifications for taking up a career as a paralegal. Your Paralegal online degree degree is typically enough to get you a job in this field.

So, if you are looking for a change in careers without years of schooling, look into Paralegal online degree certificate programs and see how they can help you take your career to the next level!

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