Jobs With Sociology Degree Requirements

If you are considering a sociology degree, here are some options regarding jobs with sociology degree requirements. These sociology degree jobs are not all inclusive, of course. Your degree is only as good as your marketing, but these jobs with sociology degree requirements are a great place to start when considering what you may be able to do career-wise once you obtain your degree.

One option to consider if you really enjoy sociology is to obtain an advanced degree and teach the subject. You will be able to continue your research in the sociology field and make a career out of it.

Another avenue to explore when looking for jobs with sociology degree requirements is to go into counseling. You could be a family counselor, although this career path does involve more than simply a sociology degree.

There are options to work in the private sector for a company or corporation in human resources, advertising, training and market research. Additionally, there are management jobs available, from HR management to retail store management.

If you opt to work for the government, they also have jobs with sociology degree tendencies just like private companies, and can have a wide range of titles.

Criminal justice is another popular area for those with sociology degrees to find a job in. Corrections, rehabilitation, parole related jobs and more are avenues to explore.

Pay for jobs with sociology degree holders tend to range from $30,000 for such jobs as administrative assistants and social service workers to $60,000 for jobs such as human resources manager and other management type jobs.

Having a sociology degree means that you understand and are familiar with human behavior, attitudes, beliefs and more. The better able you are to market this skill set, the more doors will open for you. There is no set list of sociology degree jobs, although this overview gives you a good idea of what types of jobs are typically associated with the degree.

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