History Degree Jobs

If you are looking into a history degree, you may be interested to know about what kind of history degree jobs are available. Knowing about jobs with history degree requirements, or what kind of jobs may be available to you upon graduation is very important, so here’s a quick overview.

Many who major in history believe that history degree jobs only involve teaching. While a high school or middle school teacher is one of the most popular history degree jobs out there, don’t fall into the trap of believing that is the only career path to follow.

In addition to teaching high school, there are numerous other history degree jobs out there. With this degree, you can also go into management. Retail management, operations manager and other mid-level management jobs fit with your history degree.

There is also the opportunity to get into the legal profession, with many history majors becoming paralegals or legal assistants.

If your career path is business oriented, you may want to reconsider your major, but if you have already completed your schooling and decided that business is the way you want to go, don’t feel locked out simply because of your major. There are business related history degree jobs available.

As a history major, you can expect to earn between $35,000 and $80,000 per year, based on the median salaries here in the US. With the most popular of the history degree jobs, high school teacher, you can expect to earn about $50,000 per year. Jobs with history degree exposure paying more include various management and sales jobs, while history degree jobs paying less include administrative assistant, bank teller and legal assistant.

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