Communication Degree Jobs

We take a look at what kind of communication degree jobs are available after graduation in this overview of communication degree jobs.

Those obtaining a communication degree are going to be well suited to “people” jobs. Management type jobs, human resource jobs and customer service oriented jobs are some of the most popular communication degree jobs.

On the high end of the pay scale for communication degree jobs are the management type positions. A human resources manager holding a communication degree can expect to earn around $60,000 per year.

Other well paying communication degree jobs include retail store manager, sales account manager and executive assistant. These jobs typically range from the low to mid $40,000 range.

On the lower end of the pay scale for communication degree jobs we find marketing coordinators and account executives, with average pay coming in around $30,000 per year.

Some additional certifications that a communication major may look into in order to better market them selves on the job market include a PHR (professional in human resources) or a teacher certification. By adding certifications such as these to your degree, you may be able to branch out into additional careers, or increase your earnings potential in your existing career.

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