Distance Learning

Distance Learning Education Degree is committed to bringing you information on obtaining your higher education degree through distance learning.

Distance learning is a great way for working adults, parents and others with busy life schedules to fit their higher education goals into their already hectic life.  Distance learning is basically online college, and yes, you can earn your degree taking 100% of your courses online.

Accredited distance learning colleges are becoming more and more common.  In today’s world, if you missed out on going to college right out of high school, chances are it is tough for you to find the time to attend a traditional college or university.  This is even more true if you have children, or have already started in your chosen career.

Another group of people who may find distance learning eduction to be the right choice is those with college degrees already, who are working in their chosen career, but need an advanced degree to move up in that field.  Typically, if you are in this situation, it is not possible to simply quit your job and go to college full time.  Going to school online and earning a distance learning education degree for your masters or MBA is a great way to balance out the need to keep your current job, while improving your resume to help obtain a better or higher paying  job.

In addition, there are other benefits to distance learning programs.  By offering distance learning courses, colleges can expand their offerings to more students.  The online courses take less resources, and do not take physical space in the actual brick and mortar school, so the school can reach a wider range of students and offer more courses that they otherwise may not.

In these times of budget cuts to education, the expansion of distance learning courses can also reduce crowding in normal classes.  By offering the classes online, and reducing the students who physically attend the school, the universities are able to do more with their existing resources.  Looking towards the future, more online education of this type may become the norm.  As tuition increases rapidly, online classes can offer an alternative that saves both the student and the institution money.  This may enable more people to get their college education at a time when many brick and mortar schools are cutting enrollment.

There are many distance learning colleges out there, and you can find one to suit your needs with a little research.  There are specialty colleges, distance learning colleges for business, marketing, nursing and more.  Additionally, you can earn your Bachelor, Masters or even MBA degrees through distance learning colleges.   One well known college for earning your full degree online is Phoenix University.  This type of distance learning may take just as long or longer as attending a physical school, but once you are done you have a full degree.

There are also providers who allow you to earn various qualifications or qualify for various licences as well as earn a full degree.  One such provider of online courses is Kaplan Open Learning; a company specializing in distance education. This type of distance education provides not only ease of access to the materials, but it is practical for the real world in terms of how quickly a student can earn a qualification or license and be able to go right to work should they not have the time to earn a full degree.

If you have been wanting to go back to school, but just thought it was impossible due to your busy life schedule, distance learning education could be just what you need to make it possible.

While distance learning education is a great alternative to traditional colleges, it is not a choice for everyone.  For many, the work is more difficult as you must be a self starter, and be able to keep yourself on task.  If you are one to put things off, traditional college may be a much better decision for you.  Earning a distance learning education degree is something that you must be motivated to do, as there are no work groups, or one on one sessions if you need help.  If you are highly motivated, a good self starter, and able to work on your own, however, looking into a distance learning degree could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!


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